Why affirmations don’t work

I hope the title got your attention, and it may have even got you riled up and defensive. Good! Let’s talk about affirmations and their place in the healing process.

What affirmations are:

  • Affirmations are statements aimed at affecting your conscious and subconscious mind. And I love them, I really do!
  • They are a phenomenal tool to help us bring focus to a feeling, desired outcome and emotional state.

What affirmations are not:

  • The magic bullet to solving all our problems
  • A quick and easy way to heal ourselves of disease

People get caught up in the spiritualization of every problem they have. Got gut issues? Look up the spiritual meaning, find its affirmation, write the affirmation on a post it note, stick it on your bathroom mirror and VOILA! Gut problems be gone.

Listen, affirmations are a wonderful compliment to any steps you are taking in your healing process. Use them to gently remind yourself to breathe, eat consciously, to be gentle with yourself and on. And I very much encourage you to understand the consciousness behind specific ailments.

But don’t get disheartened and discouraged when you feel they are not working. They are working on some level – but the real question us, are YOU doing the work? 

It took many years to build up the belief systems hindering your progress, to create the emotional layers and the other physical stuff affecting you. Stating an affirmation 3x per day for a week isn’t going to erase that imbalance overnight. But it is a wonderful place to start.

We need to work for our health. We need to invest in our own healing process. And we need to walk our talk.

My best advice? Invest your full self into your own healing process. That means do the work. See that practitioner. Take that course on healing you’ve been eyeballing, start that probiotic regimen, continue your qigong practice, and use that affirmation to guide you on your journey back to perfect health.

How to use affirmations:

  • The greater your focus, the greater your outcome. Set aside time during your day to quiet your mind and get into a meditative state.
  • Repeat your affirmation with purpose and emotion. The greater your investment into the statement, the more power you will have around it.
  • If you are a visual person you can “see” it written in your mind. Embellish the letters with glittery beautiful fonts.
  • Or visualize the outcome as already being “done”. An example is if you are affirming love in your life – feel what it would feel like to have that love. Feel love!

Some of my favorite affirmations:

  • I AM THAT, I AM.
  • Abundance flows to me and within me with ease and grace
  • I attract the perfect clients at the perfect time
  • I am one with the Divine Timing of the Universe.

What are some of your favorite affirmations? Please post below – they could be just what another reader needs 🙂


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