The Silver Violet Flame of Transmutation

The Silver Violet Flame is a tool we can use to transmute lower vibrational energies. It’s a wonderful ancient energy technique to help yourself when you are having negative thoughts and emotions.

In bringing the Silver Violet Flame into our heart center and working with it the more it will become imbedded into the space around us. You will feel a rise in your internal vibration when using it. The Silver Violet Flame can be used to bring high vibrational Energy to your body and your space.

We can also use it to transmute negative situations we encounter – infusing our environment like our homes, workplace, buildings, streets, cities. Everything that is energy will benefit from it; humans and animals as well.

Master St. Germaine is the holder of this flame, and you can work with him to invoke it to transmute anything in your life that you wish to clear and shift.

Transmutation is an alchemical shift, so there is no judgement, just a way to align yourself and energy with the Universal flow.

You may have heard of the Violet Flame. The “silver” was added years ago to better assist humanity as we encounter huge shifts and an acceleration of vibration.


Simply state three times:

I AM a being of silver violet fire; I AM a being of God’s desire.

I AM a being of silver violet fire; I AM a being of God’s desire.

I AM a being of silver violet fire; I AM a being of God’s desire.

I like to visualize the flame burning up the lower level energies – starting at my heart center and expanding out as far as it will go. You will see how quickly you feel calm and the fear/anger/etc dissipates and is transmuted.

The picture you see is my “Silver Violet Flame” programed amethyst I received from Karen at Akashic Journey.

Karen (my Mom!) is a keeper of the flame and programmed this amethyst crystal. Whenever I hold it, it makes the mantra and my visualization of the Silver Violet Flame all that much easier to use. Plus it’s so beautiful!

The Silver Violet Flame is a tool to help you work on yourself. But you will still need to gain higher perspective on the emotions you are feeling and the situations coming your way. Use the Silver Violet Flame to transmute the lower level energies so you can get the clarity and learn your life lessons.

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