“My dog, Dutch, developed an inexplicable sporadic limp. After multiple inconclusive trips to the vet, I consulted Megan to get a better understanding of what was going on with Dutch, and to see if I could find a way to help him.   This was my first experience with BodyTalk, and Megan was very open and patient in explaining to me about the process.  She was very thorough in learning about Dutch’s history, and promptly gave me an assessment and treatment plan following her first session with Dutch.  Even following the first steps of Dutch’s treatment plan, I could see an improvement.  He seems to be a much happier dog now because of it, and I think he is very happy to have found a “voice!”

Thanks, Megan!!

— Christine & Dutch

“Megan Adams was doing some legwork around creating a format to work with businesses on a consciousness level. I had been trying to conceive of something similar as, on a personal level, I felt some blocks with my own personal business and the flow around attracting regular clientele.

Naturally, I jumped on the opportunity to receive a session regarding my business when I saw this and we soon set up a time to Skype about it. A few things came up in relation to my personal self and what I was/am trying to bring forward through my business as well as even more around the building, the community and some other external factors I never would have thought about on my own.

A few weeks later, I found myself suddenly working 14-hour days at someone else’s business supporting international students from all over the place. While thinking about the time I wasn’t spending on my own projects, it donned on me that there were some simple physics involved with energy spent VS energy returned.

Immediately the calls started pouring in and I began scheduling the clients as best I could, given the time I had available. At the same time, these 14-hour days paid off a large debt that I was struggling to repay, and by the time these projects were done my schedule was filling up.

Somewhere in there, I learned that some credit trouble I had gotten myself in many years ago had magically reset itself – much to my surprise – and I am now a functional, fiscal adult as I have not been for quite some time.

In the following weeks, I’ve had truly full weeks of independent bookings, many new clients and an outpouring of gratitude and positive results/word of mouth advertising in a volume that far exceeds what I was pulling in before.

In short, a few weeks after the session with Megan, I have fallen out of debt, acquired several more systemic tools to work with on a business/financial level, accrued a whole new wave of amazing clients and gained a level of influence and confidence around that side of my life that was not there or not active previously.

Undeniably amazing. I have infinite gratitude and respect for Megan and the work that she does.

If your business is your passion as mine is and you’d like to see it (and yourself) open up to the highest potential there is, I absolutely urge you to pursue this kind of session with her.

Thank you, Megan!”

— Brodie Muskett Registered Massage Therapist Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

“Megan’s vibrant and bubbly personality shines through in the BodyTalk sessions she has facilitated for me. She’s a grounded, engaging, and skilled practitioner: each session has been unique and relevant to my current experiences. Megan’s down-to-earth approach and background knowledge are invaluable tools that she skillfully uses during the sessions she facilitates. The depth and breadth of information Megan has connected to is diverse and it is always presented in a clear and supportive manner. I am consistently impressed with her skills and abilities. Megan’s sessions have helped me process significant events and concerns, which in turn has allowed for huge shifts in my sense of well-being.”

— Greg V.

“I had an Akashic record reading approximately 6 months ago. All I can say is, Wow! It was awesome.

I have had a knowing my whole life. I’ve always spoken with Angels, guides and yes Merlin the Magician (not that I told anyone). Most people just thought and said that I was crazy, including my brothers and sisters (all light heartedly of course). I would tell them what I knew to be true and they would wonder how I’d know these things. Anyway, I decided to have an Akashic reading with Meg to see if maybe I was indeed just crazy or if really did indeed know what I knew. I also wanted to know which direction to go with my career. I had been to the records and I knew she could see the good, the bad and the ugly.

I was ready to hear it no matter what she said. Meg validated everything for me and more. She saw my connections in this lifetime to the physical conditions of the past. It was truly an awesome reading. She pointed me to 3 options career wise. I will work with Meg again it was awesome.”

— Rhonda Ferguson

“I’ve had the privilege of having a reading with Megan Adams in order gain insight into the direction of my business and I was absolutely blown away with the information she gave me!

Megan has an unbelievable ability to go into the Akashic Records and channel high level information that will help you in whatever direction you want to go. With her business mind and background she is the ultimate business coach as she is incredibly grounded and practical as well as inspirational and creative! The information she gave me enabled me to bring my business up another level so that I can be more of service to those who need it most. Thank you Megan for your priceless gifts!”

— Danielle Paige, Intuitive Astrologer & Psychic Medium

“Meg has a way of elevating business. Her professionalism is infused with high energy and enthusiasm. Meg’s Akashic Record report for my event was more generous than I had expected. I enjoyed working with Meg so much that I enlisted her services with my new venture. I am happy to have Meg on my team.”

— Stephanie, Calgary

“I worked with Megan because I had an idea of what my purpose was and how to put it into my business, but I was filled with doubt and didn’t want to do the “wrong” thing. 

During our session Megan went into my Akashic records and confirmed that I was dead on about my purpose.  I also got confirmation that my logo and colors I chose for my brand were spot on as well.  The information that was revealed to me by Megan led to a chain of synchronistic events that led me to have a divine download of what exactly my tagline was to be, what to call myself, and how I’m going to help people.  It was very powerful and I now have absolute clarity about my business and I feel super confident about myself, my business and the direction I am going.  If you need some guidance about your purpose or anything related to your business I highly recommend Megan Adams.  Btw, she’s an absolute pleasure to work with and has an amazingly loving fun presence to boot!”

— Casey Choate, Divine Business Strategist, http://TheRealCaseyChoate.com

Megan is truly an angel to work with. Her energy is empowering, insightful and most of all, inspiring. Megan has pushed me to the next level of my career through her encouragement. My clients are so special to me and are dealing with the most horrific tragedies. It is very important to me that I conveyed my message with grace, sincerity and ease. With the help and guidance of Megan, I was able to do just that. I am so grateful for all of her help. I look forward to continuing our work together.”

— Necole Stephens, Spirit Medium & Spiritual Mentor

Megan’s energy and enthusiasm for life makes working with her an absolute joy.  She doesn’t just “tell you” what to do, but rather empowers you with the knowledge to understand how social media works, eliminating any confusion or frustration. If you’re looking to work with someone who will calmly coach you through the chaos of social media, then Megan is your gal!”

— Jackie Dumaine, Creator of the Yoga Code & Yogipreneur

Articulate. Smart. Creative. Meg truly knows Social Media…my business has certainly grown using the techniques that Meg Adams has shown me. I’ve learned not to be afraid or ignore Social Media! Many thanks Meg!”

Rick Wood, Psychic Medium & Life Coach

Megan has a contagious enthusiasm for her work.  Her intense passion along with knowledgeable insight brings innovative and fresh ideas.  My business has been most positively affected by her assistance!  I always look forward to working with Megan!”

— Carrieanne Fonger, Author of “Empowering the Human Spirit

Meg is my Social Media guide and shining star. Meg has the ability to understand the problem and pinpoint with accuracy what the next steps should be. Her capable abilities keep me and my business in a constant forward momentum.”

— Karen Adams, Karen The Feng Shui Lady & Akashic Reader

Megan was able to execute a flawless social media strategy while encouraging and successfully bringing out the creative minds from her clients.  I definitely recommend Megan for her social media knowledge and strong work ethics.”

— Derek Hovinga, Communications Specialist and Videographer