Chanting & Music for Meditation

Sound is an integral part of connecting with ourselves.

It soothes, clears and helps move us through tough times. Just think of the last time you were mad. Did you yell? Cry? Sob?

Sound is extraordinarily healing and the use of chanting and mantras can help us relax and re-connect with ourselves.

There is Gregorian chanting, Tibetan Buddhist chants (Om Mani Padme Hum being very well known), and one of my favorites: Kundalini Mantras. Really, the only reason I do Kundalini Yoga is for the mantras 😉

Kundalini Yoga has a number of Mantras with eight sounds. These create a rhythm that stimulates and nourish each Chakra. Practicing it helps us initiate, experience, and celebrate the Divine resonance of Kundalini energy within us.

Different mantras have different meanings and outcomes. It’s like when you would choose an exercise to work a specific muscle group – this is like choosing a specific chant or mantra.

One of my favorite Kundalini chants is “Ma“. It is SO POWERFUL (and bonus…there’s only one word you have to remember: MA!)

“Ma” which in Sanskrit is translated to: Divine, Universal Mother. This mantra is repeated over and over to is to help us connect with the essence of the Universal Mother.

Here’s my favorite version of “Ma” by Guru Ganesha Singh and Snatum Kaur.

I encourage you to find chants and sounds that feel good to you. They will act like a portal and transport you to a different space and time. I recommend getting in a comfortable position either laying or sitting, and turning up the music full blast! That way you can sing at the top of your lungs 😉

These ancient sounds are tools; a type of technology to help us grow and evolve as spiritual beings. They are non-denominational and non-dogmatic.

A great resource to discover new chants and mantras is YouTube (you will be AMAZED at how many there are). You could search for: “Chants for Adrenals” and find hundreds!

I also recommend subscribing to Free Download Friday at Spirit Voyage – that’s where I have discovered and got most of my Kundalini music. Every Friday they have (you guessed it) a new song to download.

And for anyone of your interested, Snatum Kuar is on tour! She is the angelic voice in the “Ma” song. My Mom and I bought tickets for her concert in Sacramento in October 2017. Maybe you’ll join us! Tickets and info is here.

Now it’s your turn. What are your favorite chants/mantras/songs that help you re-connect and relax?

Also, if you have any questions, topics you’d like me to cover or any input on this info – let me know! Comment below…