This weekend I spent time volunteering at The BodyTalk System booth at the Healing Arts Festival in Sacramento. Usually I avoid booth duties but I had the intuitive nudge to go for it, and I am sure glad I did.
At our booth we offered mini BodyTalk sessions for anyone interested and for pretty much the entire weekend our two treatment tables were full.
I felt blessed to be able to listen, share and observe the healing process in the souls that laid down on the table and trusted me as a practitioner.
See, BodyTalk isn’t the *easiest* modality to explain. I do my best, but I prefer to let a session do the talking. Well, really – let the body do the talking.
The thing that stuck with me with most this weekend were the weary souls who were just so tired. I could feel their desperation to get better, to feel better, to heal. For they wouldn’t be here, talking to me at a BodyTalk booth of which they have NO clue what it even was, willing to *try out* a session.
They knew deep down that they COULD get better. They trusted their innate wisdom to heal, despite what western medicine had to tell many of them.
It is my hope they left our booth feeling EMPOWERED – knowing and trusting that their body is here to support them. That it is not working against them, punishing them, nor undermining them.
That perfect health is their BIRTH RIGHT and that it is achievable.
Let us all seek out the foods that make us feel good, find the healing modalities and practitioners that keep us balanced and develop a mindset that helps us rememberWE ARE ALREADY WHOLE, HEALTHY AND BEAUTIFUL <3 <3 <3

The Cortices Technique – The Great Brain Balancer

The Cortices Technique is one of the core techniques of the BodyTalk System and is also one of the most powerful! It’s a quick and easy technique anyone can do for themselves and others.

This technique balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and general brain function. The IBA believes that everyone should be able to balance the cortices and their results can be immediate and profound in restoring healthy balance.

Below is a video where I show you how to “tap out” your own Cortices.

If you were to tap out for an animal – do the technique on yourself imagining that you are performing it on your animal.

You can also perform the technique for others by placing your hands on their head and tapping for them, or having them tap out on the head, heart and belly.

Cortices Technique Cheat Sheet

I created this cheatsheet of sorts to help you remember the technique as well as to remind you to use it! I recommend downloading it and placing it on your fridge as a reminder.

*Please note that tapping on the gut/belly has been added to this technique. So you will tap on your head (making sure you tap both the left and right sides, your heart/thymus area, and your belly. You can also hover over the areas instead of making contact if the tapping is uncomfortable in any way.

BodyTalk Cortices Technique Case Studies

What is Perfect Health?

Our body is always seeking balance so this means that our true state is one of perfect health.

Wow. Perfect health. I can’t remember a time where I felt that my health was “perfect”, can you?

In BodyTalk we call the intelligence our body has around our perfect health and how to heal itself, “innate wisdom“.

Here is an example of this…

Our body undergoes BILLIONS of chemical reactions in a day, maybe even a minute! I can’t count that high… 😉

  • Every time a blood cell in the lungs takes on an oxygen molecule, that’s a chemical reaction.
  • Every time a cell in the pancreas produces an insulin molecule, that is many chemical reactions.
  • Every time a nerve cell in your eye or brain fires, this is a cascade of ions traveling through the nerve cell, which is essentially thousands of chemical reactions, which cascades out to thousands of other nerve cells.

(thanks to this smart guy for sharing the above info)

Our body is COMPLEX. And it knows how to take care of itself. Just like when you cut yourself, your body kicks in to heal it. Just like your heart doesn’t stop beating when you fall asleep and you don’t have to consciously tell yourself to breathe.

But sometimes our body gets stuck in a loop. Our lives these days are complicated. Things like environmental toxins, unresolved emotions, stress, food intolerances, energetic disturbances, stress (did I mention stress? ;)) all affect our body in a profound way.

The effects these have can create dis-ease in the body. In the west when we start exhibiting symptoms we start checking off the items on the list in order to find a diagnosis.

Extra tired – yes
Coughing – yes
Runny nose – yes

Must be a common cold!

In our striving for a diagnosis or an “answer” to our issue we overlook the thousands of other reasons we could be experiencing these symptoms.

Let’s look at an example.

Say an environmental toxin, like the Tide detergent you use to wash your clothes in is causing an intolerance in your body. This intolerance doesn’t appear as a rash (like we would assume it would) but instead it is exploiting the weakened immune system your body is experiencing because you are overworked, under-rested and stressed out.

Basically the very clothes you wear are weakening your immune system. But you just think it’s a common cold – one you have been fighting for 4 months because you looked at the symptoms and diagnosed based on them.

You take extra vitamin C, maybe some over the counter drugs but still feel crappy.

Do you see how you aren’t getting to the root cause?

Your body needs helps balancing this environmental toxin and is communicating to you there is disharmony but you aren’t listening.

So, what symptoms are you experiencing right now? What do you think your body is trying to tell you?

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