Book Review: “Eat Better, Live Better, Feel Better”

Our modern day diets are wreaking havoc on our digestion. Whether it’s paleo, meat ‘n potatoes, vegan or vegetarian you can still be eating foods and products that keep your system acidic.

What is alkaline?

It has to do with your body’s PH balance. You’ve heard of being acidic (bad) and the other end of the spectrum is alkaline (good!)

The goal is to bring your body into balance by consciously consuming alkaline foods and fluids. The goal is 70-80% of alkaline foods which is basically vegetables and 20-30% acidic which is made up of foods like whole grains, plant or animals proteins and some dairy.

Disease can’t thrive in an alkaline environment.

“An Alkaline balanced body is healthy, vibrant, and energetic, free of sickness and disease.”  (1)

And science backs this up. We can look at our blood and through a live blood analysis see a change in our blood cells in as little as 30 days. Things like yeast, parasites, pre-cancerous crystals and other unhealthy organisms in our blood will change or disappear with the shift to an alkaline environment.

Now you can review the science and do more research or your own. Since I am not a scientist I am going to share with you my experience going alkaline (or Alkavorians).

In the past two years I have travelled to Indonesia twice, having spent over 2 months total there and visiting four of it’s islands (there’s more than 17,000 so I have a long way to go!)

Indonesia is one of the most special places I have ever visited – the people so open-hearted and the land magical and beautiful. But the food. Eating in Indonesia for me was a struggle.

You can only drink filtered water and have to be careful in consuming things like salads and vegetables which run the risk of not being washed properly in uncontaminated water. And the Indonesians love their tofu, tempeh and deep fried goodness.

Unfortunately for me my system could never handle any of the above but when in Rome..right?

The first time I came back from Indonesia (this was March 2016) I was sick for months.

My first regular bowel movement finally occurred after four months. I couldn’t physically keep any food down or in my system for very long, I became weak and had zero appetite.

I took an extensive natural anti-parasite regime and was back to eliminating high allergen foods like dairy, gluten, soy and sugar. I started to come around.

Enter my second trip…January 2017!

I mean, how could I say no? Why was I there? In this short: to deepen my understanding of BodyTalk for Animals.

This time I swore I’d be more careful. And I really was. But three days in the plague struck. It had to be E.Coli. I’ll spare you the details but I’m sure you’ve had food poisoning so know the extent of the symptoms.

I came back from that second trip in March 2017 feeling way better than the first. I had massive belly bloat but just figured I was a little “rounded out” from the deep fried goodness and soy.

It is now May, and that bloat has never gone down.

My weight is 5-7 pounds heavier than usual and that’s with a diet completely free from gluten, soy, dairy, eggs and meat.

Then starting in April I began having digestive pain after eating.

It felt like a dull aching/stabbing pain in my upper stomach, and that darn ileocecal valve (right next to the appendix) was causing me to double over in pain. I learned a handy dandy technique to close it (PLEASE give this a try if you get pain in that right lower area. Though be warned it is in the exact same area as the appendix so be aware of the difference)

I found myself getting hives and a rash after pretty much every meal and at this point I had eliminated pretty much everything I could think of, hoping it was the culprit. No sugar, dairy, gluten, grains, meat, eggs. Yet I had zero relief and was still holding on to the extra weight.

I had not had a solid bowel movement in months and I was at my wits end. I couldn’t maintain my workout regime because I just didn’t have the energy or stamina and it was an endless cycle.

Around the same time I was ready to break down and go to the doctor, the book: “Eat Better, Live Better, Feel Better” came in the mail.

I had seen one of the accounts I follow on Instagram share her Spinach Dill Detox Soup recipe and I marched upstairs and ordered the book.

Talk about divine guidance.

I had no idea that this book was more like a manual in going alkaline. There are four gentle phases to move you into eating a clean, alkaline diet, including a three day juice detox (or feast as she calls it). And my goodness, no one is starving on that feast! The amount of vegetables was staggering.

So my Mom and I embarked on our Green Juice Feast for three days, measuring our PH-balance with strips, pre-planning our juices and researching/buying a juicer.

What was different about this detox was that there was no fruit. It’s alllllll veggies. Like so, many. Actually we did sneak an occasional green apple in there a couple time 😉

I know that there’s some research around the efficacy of juice cleanses working with specifically Phase II, toxin removal of the liver.

But I don’t give a shit.

People have been fasting since the beginning of time. And if I stop cramming food down an already inflamed, sluggish digestive track you can’t tell me that my health won’t improve.

I read that cruciferous vegetable aid in this process so you can’t tell me that a juice with cabbage, broccoli, spinach, garlic and lemon won’t help flush the toxins.

But I am not a doctor. What I am? A person that can feel and sense what is going on in my own body.

Rant time.

Plus, who the hell is going to pay for a study in cleanses? There’s ZERO to gain for pharmaceutical companies. Unless the Kale Growers of America pool their money together, I don’t see any reliable studies on this coming out anytime soon.

Here’s what I do know what this feast did for me.

  • Lowered my acidity which I tested through PH strips.
  • Gave my digestion a must needed rest. See: ZERO digestion pain.
  • Significantly increased the amount of nutrients I was consuming. My elimination diet was not nourishing or nutritious.
  • Upped my energy and made me feel good again!
  • Gave my sluggish digestion a re-boot.
  • Released four pounds

After our 3 day cleanse/feast was done I excitedly and a bit nervously embarked on the next phase: introducing back regular food.

I was so enjoying the pain-free living but was so freaking ready for some food that crunched and couldn’t be consumed via a straw.

This book has an extensive recipe section and I was drooling at all the potential recipes I could actually eat! Recipes are broken out into how alkaline they are. So it was recommended we stay in the purely alkaline range – which was super easy.

I have been making the recipes for my family and even my Dad (he likes his red meat) has been enjoying the meals.

My hidden passion for cooking raw-ish, vegan food came out and I don’t even recognize myself. I sprouted mung beans for the first time and you’d think I won the lottery.

To say this book changed my perspective on food and cooking in an understatement.

I am still having some trouble with raw cabbage but am amazed that if I stick to the recipes in the book I do not have digestive issues or pain. No gas, regular bowel movements, no pain, nadda.

The bloating is still there (such a bummer) but I am working on the little parasite that’s causing it. The alkaline diet is certainly helping me create an unsupportive environment for it.

I’d love for you to check this book out! It has helped me feel more in control of what I can eat (not to mention what TO eat) and is supporting me in achieving and building a healthful life and diet.

What’s the future look like for me?

I will continue with my focus on eating alkaline. But like anything, will listen to my body and shift/evolve when I need to. I am on another parasite cleanse, “Scram”, and working with BodyTalk practitioners to get that parasite to actually Scram! 😉

Here a link to the “Eat Better, Live Better, Feel Better” book by Julie Cove:

Here’s her website where most of the stuff on alkalinity and PH balance was found on. It also includes great resources for going alkaline as well as recipes!

In case you’re curious about the juicer I bought, here it is.

I did a ton of research and this was the best bang for the buck. It’s a centrifugal Breville juicer, highly rated and now $30 cheaper than when I got it!

Have pain in your right lower side? Constant diarrhea or constipation? Could be related to your Ileocecal valve. Here’s a technique to help you either “open or close” it in case it’s stuck:

Parasites? HealthForce has some of the best natural nutrients/supplements in the industry. Learn more here:

You can read my review for “Eat Better, Live Better, Feel Better” on Amazon here: