How to overcome your business shame

I think I had been through 6-7 business ideas before one really “stuck” and that used to bring me shame. I would think to myself, “if only I was just smart enough to come up with that one business idea that would carry me for life.”

I know, what a joke!

What that shows me now was a very strong belief system I had around proving to myself and others that I had the “chops” to be a business owner.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that every single business I ever dreamt of, made products for, or “failed at” built invaluable skills, knowledge and connections that I never would have gained anywhere else. Seriously!

Do you know the business that led me to starting my marketing business was…grocery delivery? Yup. Grocery Gopher Girls for the win!

When we stop judging ourselves for where we are, we open ourselves up for where we need to be.

I have worked with so many small businesses that judge so harshly where they are.

  • You don’t have enough experience quite yet…so you wait.
  • Your website isn’t perfect…so you wait.
  • You aren’t making enough money in their business yet…so you wait.

Listen, it’s time to get STARTED. If you are dreaming about what your ideal business could be and you feel its potential in your bones, just get started!

That means taking on clients, launching (and announcing!) your website to the world, and stepping into the spotlight with your business.

Helping businesses get up and running is what I do. And it’s what I am very, very good at.

I took a Birth Doula course a couple weekends ago so that I could be better prepared for my sister’s delivery in October (I’M GOING TO BE AN AUNTIE!). I was blown away and so inspired by all the women in that course.

And then I heard the typical questions. “How do I create a website? How much should I charge?”…

Basically the “reality” of the situation started to dismantle all the motivation and excitement.

Get Your Business Online GraphicSo I created this course. It’s the “Get Your Business up and Running Online” course and it takes away ALL that pressure, fear and, “oh my god – how do I???” and replaces it with actionable steps, a group that offers support and accountability, and 4-weeks unlimited access to ME to help get those businesses up and running online.

Now, what exactly does that mean?

I’ll show you everything you need to start marketing yourself and your business authentically and successfully online. This means how to:

  • Easily create a website (for under $30)
  • Tackling the creation of content (like blog posts and website content)
  • How to build an email list and send out awesomely helpful emails to your clients
  • Managing your Social Media, what social sites to be on and how to optimize your time on them!

Our businesses are a direct reflection of our belief systems and what’s going on internally. What’s holding you back? And are you ready to take the step forward?

More details:

And post in the comments any questions/concerns/advice you may have!

To your success…!!!


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