Should I See Other BodyTalk Practitioners?

Yes, yes, yes! I always tell my clients how important it is to find a BodyTalk practitioner that resonates with them. The beautiful thing about BodyTalk is that every practitioner brings something different to the table. Some have massage backgrounds, cranial sacral, essential oils, Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, Reiki, doula training – you get the point!

What this means is that your body’s innate wisdom is going to leverage your practitioner’s expertise in order to get the most of that session in that moment. BodyTalk sessions are like snowflakes – not two is alike. And this is the same for practitioners. I could work with a fellow BodyTalker on the same client and our sessions would be entirely different. And this is beautiful.

My advice to you is to trust that you will be connected with the perfect practitioner at the perfect time and never be afraid to ask your practitioner for a referral. You can view the entire database of certified BodyTalk practitioners around the world here.

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