Indonesia Practitioner Development Project 2016

In February 2016 I was honored to participate in the Indonesia Practitioner Development Project with Loesje Jacob and the Linking Awareness Team.

Phase I: The BodyTalk Access + Fundamentals for Animals and Humans 

The BodyTalk Access for Animals and Humans class at Institut Pertanian in Bogor, Indonesia had 54 participants, including Veterinarians, Professors of Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Students, Animal Handlers from the Indonesian National Police Animal Division in Jakarta, International participants from 9 different countries, BodyTalk Practitioners and students, as well as one Architect. They were welcomed and assisted by dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, rats, snakes, lizards, insects, and a variety of stuffed animals.

This part grew my confidence greatly in working with and running sessions for animals. Proper handling and mindset was emphasized and Loesje’s years of experience shone through as she demonstrated the techniques and ran some beyond profound sessions. (ref)

Phase II: Practitioner Development Project

The Linking Awareness Team was in Malang, Java, Indonesia for the 2016 Practitioner Development Project, February 20 through March 1st.

Loesje taught BodyTalk Fundamentals and Integration and during this experience, participants had the privilege if visiting a local orphanage and hospital to do sessions on the staff and patients as well as to share BodyTalk and put it all into practice.

This was a unique opportunity for participants to practice and hone their skills in a high paced setting.

The BodyTalk matrix in Indonesia is growing, particularly on the “animal” side, with a very strong response from Veterinarians, Veterinary students, the Indonesian National Police Animal Division, and animal handlers and Veterinarians from Ragunan Zoo in Jakarta.

International participants are able to immerse themselves in an intensive but supportive setting during the outreach portions of this project.


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