Our healing journey is one with many layers and twists and turns. I believe in the integrative approach for finding wellness and wholeness. I have been so blessed to have met and learned from so many incredible teachers.

Below are just some of the wise ones that have touched my life. Please, if you are looking for a recommendation get in touch – I can certainly point you in the right direction.

It truly takes a village…

Loesje Jacob – Linking Awareness

This is my incredible teacher for BodyTalk for Animals and Linking Awareness. I have journeyed with her to South Africa and Indonesia and can’t wait for the next adventure!

Dr. Edmund Chin

TCMD, RAc, DD, Artist, Founder of Black Lotus in Calgary, Alberta

Robynne LaPlant

White Wolf Journeys. I always look forward to receiving Robynne’s newsletters and hearing her stories! Mom and I had the honor of joining her for a Mount Shasta journey. Next year – Bimini (take note Universe!)

Karen Adams

My Greatest Teacher and my Mom! This lady does it all. Feng Shui, Akashic Record Reader, Meditation Teacher, Intuitive and writing a book on the Ascended Masters.

Sarah Nisse, Illumana Project

Exceptional healer, teachers and friend. Journeyed to South Africa with Sarah and look forward to more adventures! Sarah also teaches Reiki for those looking to learn in the California area.

Mickey Magic, Steward of the Andaras

Located in the Santa Cruz Mountains, California.

Integer Whole Health and Biodynamics

My go-to for distance BodyTalk sessions. Brodie Muskett is a dear friend and brilliant “observer” (aka healer ;))

Studio Sat Nam

Kundalini Yoga in Calgary, Alberta

Ascention Aromatics

Garry Belleau in Calgary, Alberta (and online)

Genn John at Arkansas Crystal Works

Genn communicate with the Crystal People and brings their messages of healing. Oh, and adopt a new crystal best friend too!


Master Numerologist

Danielle Paige

Intuitive Astrologer and total #bosslady.