Eye of the Tiger


They say the left eye is the window to the soul. Have you ever gazed so deeply into someone’s eyes that they transform right in front of you? Their image becoming blurry but their heart becoming clearer?

When we connect with other sentient beings we are able to dissolve the barriers we have put up around ourselves.

Gazing into the eyes of one of the most powerful animals in the animal kingdom puts this all into a whole new perspective. And when that powerful, wise beauty is behind bars in a cage too small for her presence, both physically and energetically, that gaze is even more profound.

Enter Leony. One of two sister Sumatran tigers rescued by the Animal Sanctuary Trust Indonesia in Bogor, Indonesia and one of the main reasons a group of us made the pilgrimage to visit.

I was nervous to see the sister tigers. Not because of the danger they may pose, but because I was afraid of what I would feel when I saw them.

All I could think when I stepped in front of her was, “I am the reason you are in that cage.”

Animals in cages have always triggered me. From a young age I wouldn’t want to visit the zoo or go to the circus. I would be heartbroken by the concrete floors, the putrid smells and the degrading acts we would put the animals through.

As I stood in the penetrating gaze of Leony, she imparted her wisdom to me. Much I am sure I still don’t consciously understand, but here’s what I did.

“The cage I am in reflects back to you the cage you have put yourself in. All of humanity has shackled and caged itself with fear.”

She shared that she may be caged but she was free. And left me with the question, “Was I?

The two sister Sumatran tigers were the gatekeepers for that sanctuary while also anchoring in the Divine Feminine and bringing balance to the world; that location was where they needed to be to do their work. The fact that they were sisters struck me as so special. Oddly enough I had the honor of meeting two brother Sumatran tigers later in the trip.

I always ask myself the same thing when I meet these amazing animals – and Leony was no exception – “Where do I stop and they begin?”


Learn more about Eva and Leony here: http://www.animalsanctuarytrustindonesia.org/sponsor-an-animal

Below are some pictures of the sister Sumatran tigers, Eva and Leony. They gracefully accepted their pictures to be taken and shared with care.



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