Chanting & Music for Meditation

Sound is an integral part of connecting with ourselves.

It soothes, clears and helps move us through tough times. Just think of the last time you were mad. Did you yell? Cry? Sob?

Sound is extraordinarily healing and the use of chanting and mantras can help us relax and re-connect with ourselves.

There is Gregorian chanting, Tibetan Buddhist chants (Om Mani Padme Hum being very well known), and one of my favorites: Kundalini Mantras. Really, the only reason I do Kundalini Yoga is for the mantras 😉

Kundalini Yoga has a number of Mantras with eight sounds. These create a rhythm that stimulates and nourish each Chakra. Practicing it helps us initiate, experience, and celebrate the Divine resonance of Kundalini energy within us.

Different mantras have different meanings and outcomes. It’s like when you would choose an exercise to work a specific muscle group – this is like choosing a specific chant or mantra.

One of my favorite Kundalini chants is “Ma“. It is SO POWERFUL (and bonus…there’s only one word you have to remember: MA!)

“Ma” which in Sanskrit is translated to: Divine, Universal Mother. This mantra is repeated over and over to is to help us connect with the essence of the Universal Mother.

Here’s my favorite version of “Ma” by Guru Ganesha Singh and Snatum Kaur.

I encourage you to find chants and sounds that feel good to you. They will act like a portal and transport you to a different space and time. I recommend getting in a comfortable position either laying or sitting, and turning up the music full blast! That way you can sing at the top of your lungs 😉

These ancient sounds are tools; a type of technology to help us grow and evolve as spiritual beings. They are non-denominational and non-dogmatic.

A great resource to discover new chants and mantras is YouTube (you will be AMAZED at how many there are). You could search for: “Chants for Adrenals” and find hundreds!

I also recommend subscribing to Free Download Friday at Spirit Voyage – that’s where I have discovered and got most of my Kundalini music. Every Friday they have (you guessed it) a new song to download.

And for anyone of your interested, Snatum Kuar is on tour! She is the angelic voice in the “Ma” song. My Mom and I bought tickets for her concert in Sacramento in October 2017. Maybe you’ll join us! Tickets and info is here.

Now it’s your turn. What are your favorite chants/mantras/songs that help you re-connect and relax?

Also, if you have any questions, topics you’d like me to cover or any input on this info – let me know! Comment below…


Book Review: “Eat Better, Live Better, Feel Better”

Our modern day diets are wreaking havoc on our digestion. Whether it’s paleo, meat ‘n potatoes, vegan or vegetarian you can still be eating foods and products that keep your system acidic.

What is alkaline?

It has to do with your body’s PH balance. You’ve heard of being acidic (bad) and the other end of the spectrum is alkaline (good!)

The goal is to bring your body into balance by consciously consuming alkaline foods and fluids. The goal is 70-80% of alkaline foods which is basically vegetables and 20-30% acidic which is made up of foods like whole grains, plant or animals proteins and some dairy.

Disease can’t thrive in an alkaline environment.

“An Alkaline balanced body is healthy, vibrant, and energetic, free of sickness and disease.”  (1)

And science backs this up. We can look at our blood and through a live blood analysis see a change in our blood cells in as little as 30 days. Things like yeast, parasites, pre-cancerous crystals and other unhealthy organisms in our blood will change or disappear with the shift to an alkaline environment.

Now you can review the science and do more research or your own. Since I am not a scientist I am going to share with you my experience going alkaline (or Alkavorians).

In the past two years I have travelled to Indonesia twice, having spent over 2 months total there and visiting four of it’s islands (there’s more than 17,000 so I have a long way to go!)

Indonesia is one of the most special places I have ever visited – the people so open-hearted and the land magical and beautiful. But the food. Eating in Indonesia for me was a struggle.

You can only drink filtered water and have to be careful in consuming things like salads and vegetables which run the risk of not being washed properly in uncontaminated water. And the Indonesians love their tofu, tempeh and deep fried goodness.

Unfortunately for me my system could never handle any of the above but when in Rome..right?

The first time I came back from Indonesia (this was March 2016) I was sick for months.

My first regular bowel movement finally occurred after four months. I couldn’t physically keep any food down or in my system for very long, I became weak and had zero appetite.

I took an extensive natural anti-parasite regime and was back to eliminating high allergen foods like dairy, gluten, soy and sugar. I started to come around.

Enter my second trip…January 2017!

I mean, how could I say no? Why was I there? In this short: to deepen my understanding of BodyTalk for Animals.

This time I swore I’d be more careful. And I really was. But three days in the plague struck. It had to be E.Coli. I’ll spare you the details but I’m sure you’ve had food poisoning so know the extent of the symptoms.

I came back from that second trip in March 2017 feeling way better than the first. I had massive belly bloat but just figured I was a little “rounded out” from the deep fried goodness and soy.

It is now May, and that bloat has never gone down.

My weight is 5-7 pounds heavier than usual and that’s with a diet completely free from gluten, soy, dairy, eggs and meat.

Then starting in April I began having digestive pain after eating.

It felt like a dull aching/stabbing pain in my upper stomach, and that darn ileocecal valve (right next to the appendix) was causing me to double over in pain. I learned a handy dandy technique to close it (PLEASE give this a try if you get pain in that right lower area. Though be warned it is in the exact same area as the appendix so be aware of the difference)

I found myself getting hives and a rash after pretty much every meal and at this point I had eliminated pretty much everything I could think of, hoping it was the culprit. No sugar, dairy, gluten, grains, meat, eggs. Yet I had zero relief and was still holding on to the extra weight.

I had not had a solid bowel movement in months and I was at my wits end. I couldn’t maintain my workout regime because I just didn’t have the energy or stamina and it was an endless cycle.

Around the same time I was ready to break down and go to the doctor, the book: “Eat Better, Live Better, Feel Better” came in the mail.

I had seen one of the accounts I follow on Instagram share her Spinach Dill Detox Soup recipe and I marched upstairs and ordered the book.

Talk about divine guidance.

I had no idea that this book was more like a manual in going alkaline. There are four gentle phases to move you into eating a clean, alkaline diet, including a three day juice detox (or feast as she calls it). And my goodness, no one is starving on that feast! The amount of vegetables was staggering.

So my Mom and I embarked on our Green Juice Feast for three days, measuring our PH-balance with strips, pre-planning our juices and researching/buying a juicer.

What was different about this detox was that there was no fruit. It’s alllllll veggies. Like so, many. Actually we did sneak an occasional green apple in there a couple time 😉

I know that there’s some research around the efficacy of juice cleanses working with specifically Phase II, toxin removal of the liver.

But I don’t give a shit.

People have been fasting since the beginning of time. And if I stop cramming food down an already inflamed, sluggish digestive track you can’t tell me that my health won’t improve.

I read that cruciferous vegetable aid in this process so you can’t tell me that a juice with cabbage, broccoli, spinach, garlic and lemon won’t help flush the toxins.

But I am not a doctor. What I am? A person that can feel and sense what is going on in my own body.

Rant time.

Plus, who the hell is going to pay for a study in cleanses? There’s ZERO to gain for pharmaceutical companies. Unless the Kale Growers of America pool their money together, I don’t see any reliable studies on this coming out anytime soon.

Here’s what I do know what this feast did for me.

  • Lowered my acidity which I tested through PH strips.
  • Gave my digestion a must needed rest. See: ZERO digestion pain.
  • Significantly increased the amount of nutrients I was consuming. My elimination diet was not nourishing or nutritious.
  • Upped my energy and made me feel good again!
  • Gave my sluggish digestion a re-boot.
  • Released four pounds

After our 3 day cleanse/feast was done I excitedly and a bit nervously embarked on the next phase: introducing back regular food.

I was so enjoying the pain-free living but was so freaking ready for some food that crunched and couldn’t be consumed via a straw.

This book has an extensive recipe section and I was drooling at all the potential recipes I could actually eat! Recipes are broken out into how alkaline they are. So it was recommended we stay in the purely alkaline range – which was super easy.

I have been making the recipes for my family and even my Dad (he likes his red meat) has been enjoying the meals.

My hidden passion for cooking raw-ish, vegan food came out and I don’t even recognize myself. I sprouted mung beans for the first time and you’d think I won the lottery.

To say this book changed my perspective on food and cooking in an understatement.

I am still having some trouble with raw cabbage but am amazed that if I stick to the recipes in the book I do not have digestive issues or pain. No gas, regular bowel movements, no pain, nadda.

The bloating is still there (such a bummer) but I am working on the little parasite that’s causing it. The alkaline diet is certainly helping me create an unsupportive environment for it.

I’d love for you to check this book out! It has helped me feel more in control of what I can eat (not to mention what TO eat) and is supporting me in achieving and building a healthful life and diet.

What’s the future look like for me?

I will continue with my focus on eating alkaline. But like anything, will listen to my body and shift/evolve when I need to. I am on another parasite cleanse, “Scram”, and working with BodyTalk practitioners to get that parasite to actually Scram! 😉

Here a link to the “Eat Better, Live Better, Feel Better” book by Julie Cove:

Here’s her website where most of the stuff on alkalinity and PH balance was found on. It also includes great resources for going alkaline as well as recipes!

In case you’re curious about the juicer I bought, here it is.

I did a ton of research and this was the best bang for the buck. It’s a centrifugal Breville juicer, highly rated and now $30 cheaper than when I got it!

Have pain in your right lower side? Constant diarrhea or constipation? Could be related to your Ileocecal valve. Here’s a technique to help you either “open or close” it in case it’s stuck:

Parasites? HealthForce has some of the best natural nutrients/supplements in the industry. Learn more here:

You can read my review for “Eat Better, Live Better, Feel Better” on Amazon here:


This weekend I spent time volunteering at The BodyTalk System booth at the Healing Arts Festival in Sacramento. Usually I avoid booth duties but I had the intuitive nudge to go for it, and I am sure glad I did.
At our booth we offered mini BodyTalk sessions for anyone interested and for pretty much the entire weekend our two treatment tables were full.
I felt blessed to be able to listen, share and observe the healing process in the souls that laid down on the table and trusted me as a practitioner.
See, BodyTalk isn’t the *easiest* modality to explain. I do my best, but I prefer to let a session do the talking. Well, really – let the body do the talking.
The thing that stuck with me with most this weekend were the weary souls who were just so tired. I could feel their desperation to get better, to feel better, to heal. For they wouldn’t be here, talking to me at a BodyTalk booth of which they have NO clue what it even was, willing to *try out* a session.
They knew deep down that they COULD get better. They trusted their innate wisdom to heal, despite what western medicine had to tell many of them.
It is my hope they left our booth feeling EMPOWERED – knowing and trusting that their body is here to support them. That it is not working against them, punishing them, nor undermining them.
That perfect health is their BIRTH RIGHT and that it is achievable.
Let us all seek out the foods that make us feel good, find the healing modalities and practitioners that keep us balanced and develop a mindset that helps us rememberWE ARE ALREADY WHOLE, HEALTHY AND BEAUTIFUL <3 <3 <3

The Cortices Technique – The Great Brain Balancer

The Cortices Technique is one of the core techniques of the BodyTalk System and is also one of the most powerful! It’s a quick and easy technique anyone can do for themselves and others.

This technique balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and general brain function. The IBA believes that everyone should be able to balance the cortices and their results can be immediate and profound in restoring healthy balance.

Below is a video where I show you how to “tap out” your own Cortices.

If you were to tap out for an animal – do the technique on yourself imagining that you are performing it on your animal.

You can also perform the technique for others by placing your hands on their head and tapping for them, or having them tap out on the head, heart and belly.

Cortices Technique Cheat Sheet

I created this cheatsheet of sorts to help you remember the technique as well as to remind you to use it! I recommend downloading it and placing it on your fridge as a reminder.

*Please note that tapping on the gut/belly has been added to this technique. So you will tap on your head (making sure you tap both the left and right sides, your heart/thymus area, and your belly. You can also hover over the areas instead of making contact if the tapping is uncomfortable in any way.

BodyTalk Cortices Technique Case Studies

The Silver Violet Flame of Transmutation

The Silver Violet Flame is a tool we can use to transmute lower vibrational energies. It’s a wonderful ancient energy technique to help yourself when you are having negative thoughts and emotions.

In bringing the Silver Violet Flame into our heart center and working with it the more it will become imbedded into the space around us. You will feel a rise in your internal vibration when using it. The Silver Violet Flame can be used to bring high vibrational Energy to your body and your space.

We can also use it to transmute negative situations we encounter – infusing our environment like our homes, workplace, buildings, streets, cities. Everything that is energy will benefit from it; humans and animals as well.

Master St. Germaine is the holder of this flame, and you can work with him to invoke it to transmute anything in your life that you wish to clear and shift.

Transmutation is an alchemical shift, so there is no judgement, just a way to align yourself and energy with the Universal flow.

You may have heard of the Violet Flame. The “silver” was added years ago to better assist humanity as we encounter huge shifts and an acceleration of vibration.


Simply state three times:

I AM a being of silver violet fire; I AM a being of God’s desire.

I AM a being of silver violet fire; I AM a being of God’s desire.

I AM a being of silver violet fire; I AM a being of God’s desire.

I like to visualize the flame burning up the lower level energies – starting at my heart center and expanding out as far as it will go. You will see how quickly you feel calm and the fear/anger/etc dissipates and is transmuted.

The picture you see is my “Silver Violet Flame” programed amethyst I received from Karen at Akashic Journey.

Karen (my Mom!) is a keeper of the flame and programmed this amethyst crystal. Whenever I hold it, it makes the mantra and my visualization of the Silver Violet Flame all that much easier to use. Plus it’s so beautiful!

The Silver Violet Flame is a tool to help you work on yourself. But you will still need to gain higher perspective on the emotions you are feeling and the situations coming your way. Use the Silver Violet Flame to transmute the lower level energies so you can get the clarity and learn your life lessons.

Ever meet an animal that changes EVERYTHING?

Ever meet an animal that changes EVERYTHING for you?
Meet Toby.
Toby came to me through an email my Mom sent. She miraculously saw his adoption listing online and she knew he was special.
I called the rescue that was holding Toby and made plans to meet him – 2.5 hours away from where I was living.
Hopping in the car I first drove to my Mom’s, which was on the way, and then hit the road to meet the pup.
That’s when everything got weird.
Turns out the rescue organization was not the highest of integrity and our plans to meet started falling apart.
The lady called me back saying she promised Toby (his name was Baxter at the time) to another person because he really wanted a white mini-schnauzer.
I begged her to let me at least meet him – I was already half way there.
She agreed after pushing our meeting out to 8pm and moving our meet location to a Staples parking lot.
It was all feeling really weird for me when our GPS in the car died. The whole dashboard of the car went dark, only the headlights and motor still running.
Mom and I looked at each other. Was this a sign?
I was determined I had to meet him and after running through the scenario we kept on going.
We pulled into the Staples parking lot, it’s now night time and I spot a beat up mini van.
I give it some room and park a couple stalls away and get out of the car.
I will never forget what happens next.
The lady who “rescued” Toby get out of the van holding the dirtiest, smelliest dog I have ever seen. He was glued to her, wrapping his body around hers and begging with her to not let him go.
My Mom burst into tears at the sight of him.
Toby was beyond traumatized.
The lady told us the long, sad story of how she found him. He was found in a field in Sacramento and picked up by the pound. Somehow he found himself on “death row” to be euthanized.
That’s when she swooped in and took him home, to her 6 dogs, one child and by the smell of her car – a hell of a mess of a house.
Toby had never been walked. Had never been outside in her care and had zero rehabilitation. He had been abused before he was found as a stray, was beyond fearful of humans and ran when given the chance.
As I excused my Mom and I, we deliberated. What do I do? Is this dog sick? Can I provide him the proper care? Was I cruel to take him away from this woman that seems to be his protector?
I knew the answer.
There was no way I was letting this dog go home with this lady.
And I remember passionately exclaiming to my Mom,
Now, I’m not a dog rescuer but I knew at that time Toby came into my life for a reason.
We packed him up and drove home. Toby shook and panted while I held him on my lap with the windows rolled down. His smell permeated the car despite the open windows.
Before we left the lady warned us to never walk him (he’s too far gone) or let him outside. That he will run.
I was beyond furious at this. The second she drove away, I set Toby on the ground to see for myself. A dog NEEDS to be walked!
Well, this sent Toby in to a fright. He didn’t know how to be on a leash or on the ground!
He was afraid of his own shadow and every little sound (like a leaf falling next to him) had him looking for a corner to hide in.
I was shocked.
When we got home he escaped immediately. I went to check something in the yard and before I knew it he flew out of the door.
Luckily we had a fence but he hid in the bushes, out of arms length – eyes peering fearfully at me for 2 hours. I finally coaxed him in, sitting with him, unmoving while I gently spoke with him about who I was, what our life together will be like and telling him he’s safe.
He finally came back in the house, reluctantly, and we managed to bathe him. Mom intuitively adding vinegar to the bath because of the smell of urine on his fur. Lucky for us she did as it killed all of his fleas. He had fleas!
He slept, unmoving on a blanket – afraid to budge as it seemed he had been trained to stay where we was put in the house.
The next month was excruciating. Toby didn’t pee or poo for 3 days for out of fear. He wouldn’t eat or drink for even longer.
When I went to touch him he’d cower in the corner, shaking. I could only walk him a yard in each direction as he got used to being on the leash outside.
The vet suggested a trainer that could help with with Toby and I jumped at the chance. Amelia from Smart Paws was a godsend.
She was gentle, kind and firm. She told me to forget the sob story about Toby’s past and start living in the present like there’s nothing wrong with him! She trained me, not him.
Things started progressing with Toby and he became more comfortable on walks and even started greeting people at the dog park I took him every morning.
He still was petrified of men and most people but was eating, walking and going to the bathroom regularly.
Then one day we turned a corner. In fact, I actually turned the corner in my apartment at the time and lo and behold Toby’s there – holding a sock in his mouth! He was acting like a “real” dog and I was overjoyed.
But I couldn’t shake this feeling that I was still missing something. That there was something Toby needed help with that I couldn’t figure out.
If only I could communicate with him…!
Enter Linking Awareness and Loesje Jacob. My dear friend Sarah BrownNisse was hosting Loesje in Monterey for a Linking Awareness course where we learned how to non-verbally communicate with animals (and other sentient beings).
I was skeptical but signed up and made it a girls weekend with my Mom and cousin. And of course, Toby!
Ever since Toby attended that course he asks to come to everyone I go to. I have to explain to him that not everyone allows pets to participate…Loesje is very special that way 😉
I figured that someone in the class would be able to communicate with Toby and tell me what he needs to share since I figured I wouldn’t be able to do it myself.
Boy, was I wrong!
In the class other people had brought their animals and it was amazing! Each animal took it’s turn being the “guinea pig” for us to communicate with. Every time Loesje started an exercise I was praying that it’d be Toby’s turn. But every time Toby wasn’t ready.
It wasn’t until the LAST day and the LAST exercise that Toby agreed.
Loesje explained that Toby had something to share and show us. To remain neutral and simply listen without judgement.
There wasn’t a dry eye in the house after he shared his message.
He revealed a lot about where he came from and how he got here. But what stuck with me the most?
He thanked me for my patience with him.
From that point forward Toby has taught me that there is so much more than meets the eye. He shares with me Universal teachings and has been a major catalyst for change in my life.
After Toby came into my life everything sped up. In our two years together…
I became a certified The BodyTalk System practitioner.
Travelled to the birthplace of humanity, Adams Calendar, in South Africa to also meet the White Lions of Timbavati, Chimps and Wild Horses.
I spent over 2 months cumulatively in Indonesia traveling to visit the Elephants, Orangutans and Bali dogs.
Became a doula, helping support my sister birthing my beautiful niece into the world.
Moved from San Jose to Calgary to Sacramento.
Started Soul Speak and recently rented a treatment room, working alongside some incredible healers.
I feel like Toby brought me into this special world where everything has a message to be shared. One where we are all inter-connected and One.
He helped me become an ambassador for the animal kingdom, sharing their messages and desire to communicate and connect with YOU!
So again I ask, ever meet an animal that changes EVERYTHING for you? Would love to hear your story and experience! <3
Be sure to check out:
Linking Awareness:

Happy 2017!

Happy 2017!

We completed a powerful cycle and now embark in a new “1 Cycle” for 2017. Coupled with the Year of the Rooster, I can see a lot of stuff being straightened out and people finding their inner strength. It will be US to our OWN rescue!

No more waiting for a savior – we will begin to wake-up to the understanding that WE are who we have been waiting for. Time to roll up those sleeves and GET TO WORK.

I will be headed back to Indonesia Jan 16 thru Feb 13 to once again participate in the 2017 Bogor Agricultural University Veterinary Project. The focus is deepening my inter-cellular communication with animals and my understanding of the The BodyTalk System. Working alongside the animals and Indonesian vets is always a privilege.

And I will embark on two new journeys for me:

The 2017 Way Kambas Elephant Mystery School Project in Sumatra. I look forward to being in the presence of the elephant frequencies and anticipate many laughs with these humble and beyond wise beings.

Then there is Borneo. This trip called out to me early in October when I was re-visisted by an orangutan I had met in a sanctuary in Bogor. He asked if I would come. How could I say no?? 😉

I see much repair work being done at a cellular level and intuit perhaps there is some deep DNA work/healing I will be receiving.

So with that coming up, I got my *act* together and created a couple of ways you can still stay in touch with me and have sessions while I’m gone:

I have a spiffy *new* online calendar. Schedule your appointments, buy packages and reschedule if you need:

I have also opened up a TON of BodyTalk Phone sessions until Jan 14/17 for my clients wanting to get in a session before I leave.

*Note – for those of you who prefer remote sessions: Don’t worry so much about the date, I will check the priority date for the session before commencing.*

And remember, the *magical* remote sessions (as I like to call ’em) are always available. I will be available for these sessions while I’m in Indonesia. I’m excited to see how the Indonesian energy contributes to them! I’ll be on the islands of Java, Bali, Sumatra and Borneo sooo, yeah..! 😉

Aaaand, I created some package bundles because…who doesn’t love free stuff?!

+ Buy 3 sessions – get 1 free!
+ Buy 5 sessions – get 2 free!
+ Buy 7 sessions – get 3 free!

Alright, that’s it for now! Message or email me with any Q’s

Cold and Flu Prevention

It’s official, Fall is here! And with the colder weather means the dreaded, duh, duh, duh…COLD AND FLU SEASON is almost upon us.

So, let’s work on boosting our dear immune system now so we can ward off any symptoms we don’t need to experience.

Immune boosting to do’s:

  • Drink water. I know…so boring. But just do it!
  • Epsom salt baths to detoxify
  • Increase vitamin C and D consumption
  • 30 minutes of heart-pumping, heavy breathing exercise. In whatever shape or form 😉
  • Essential oils. I hear good things about doTerra’s On Guard blends.
  • Eat some dirt. Okay, basically get fresh air outside.
  • Earthing. Earthing based upon the discovery that connecting to the Earth’s natural energy is foundational for vibrant health.
  • Get extra sleep
  • See your holistic practitioner to get a tune-up. BodyTalk, anyone? 😉

And just don’t do these:

  • Please don’t start slathering yourself in antibacterial sanitizer. This just lowers your immune system! Healthcare professionals, I get this is not an option.
  • Please don’t get the flu shot. They have a less than 50% efficacy and are full of stuff your body doesn’t need to deal with right now (heavy metals, etc.) Sorry, but not sorry if this offends
  • Stay in stress. Your body cannot heal or recover if it’s constantly in the sympathetic nervous systems (which is your fight or flight state).
  • And please don’t Tell yourself: “I’m going to get sick”, “I’m getting sick” or “I AM SICK!” You may be “experiencing” symptoms but stay away from the “I AM SICK” consciousness.


Anything I’m missing?

How to overcome your business shame

I think I had been through 6-7 business ideas before one really “stuck” and that used to bring me shame. I would think to myself, “if only I was just smart enough to come up with that one business idea that would carry me for life.”

I know, what a joke!

What that shows me now was a very strong belief system I had around proving to myself and others that I had the “chops” to be a business owner.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that every single business I ever dreamt of, made products for, or “failed at” built invaluable skills, knowledge and connections that I never would have gained anywhere else. Seriously!

Do you know the business that led me to starting my marketing business was…grocery delivery? Yup. Grocery Gopher Girls for the win!

When we stop judging ourselves for where we are, we open ourselves up for where we need to be.

I have worked with so many small businesses that judge so harshly where they are.

  • You don’t have enough experience quite yet…so you wait.
  • Your website isn’t perfect…so you wait.
  • You aren’t making enough money in their business yet…so you wait.

Listen, it’s time to get STARTED. If you are dreaming about what your ideal business could be and you feel its potential in your bones, just get started!

That means taking on clients, launching (and announcing!) your website to the world, and stepping into the spotlight with your business.

Helping businesses get up and running is what I do. And it’s what I am very, very good at.

I took a Birth Doula course a couple weekends ago so that I could be better prepared for my sister’s delivery in October (I’M GOING TO BE AN AUNTIE!). I was blown away and so inspired by all the women in that course.

And then I heard the typical questions. “How do I create a website? How much should I charge?”…

Basically the “reality” of the situation started to dismantle all the motivation and excitement.

Get Your Business Online GraphicSo I created this course. It’s the “Get Your Business up and Running Online” course and it takes away ALL that pressure, fear and, “oh my god – how do I???” and replaces it with actionable steps, a group that offers support and accountability, and 4-weeks unlimited access to ME to help get those businesses up and running online.

Now, what exactly does that mean?

I’ll show you everything you need to start marketing yourself and your business authentically and successfully online. This means how to:

  • Easily create a website (for under $30)
  • Tackling the creation of content (like blog posts and website content)
  • How to build an email list and send out awesomely helpful emails to your clients
  • Managing your Social Media, what social sites to be on and how to optimize your time on them!

Our businesses are a direct reflection of our belief systems and what’s going on internally. What’s holding you back? And are you ready to take the step forward?

More details:

And post in the comments any questions/concerns/advice you may have!

To your success…!!!


Why affirmations don’t work

I hope the title got your attention, and it may have even got you riled up and defensive. Good! Let’s talk about affirmations and their place in the healing process.

What affirmations are:

  • Affirmations are statements aimed at affecting your conscious and subconscious mind. And I love them, I really do!
  • They are a phenomenal tool to help us bring focus to a feeling, desired outcome and emotional state.

What affirmations are not:

  • The magic bullet to solving all our problems
  • A quick and easy way to heal ourselves of disease

People get caught up in the spiritualization of every problem they have. Got gut issues? Look up the spiritual meaning, find its affirmation, write the affirmation on a post it note, stick it on your bathroom mirror and VOILA! Gut problems be gone.

Listen, affirmations are a wonderful compliment to any steps you are taking in your healing process. Use them to gently remind yourself to breathe, eat consciously, to be gentle with yourself and on. And I very much encourage you to understand the consciousness behind specific ailments.

But don’t get disheartened and discouraged when you feel they are not working. They are working on some level – but the real question us, are YOU doing the work? 

It took many years to build up the belief systems hindering your progress, to create the emotional layers and the other physical stuff affecting you. Stating an affirmation 3x per day for a week isn’t going to erase that imbalance overnight. But it is a wonderful place to start.

We need to work for our health. We need to invest in our own healing process. And we need to walk our talk.

My best advice? Invest your full self into your own healing process. That means do the work. See that practitioner. Take that course on healing you’ve been eyeballing, start that probiotic regimen, continue your qigong practice, and use that affirmation to guide you on your journey back to perfect health.

How to use affirmations:

  • The greater your focus, the greater your outcome. Set aside time during your day to quiet your mind and get into a meditative state.
  • Repeat your affirmation with purpose and emotion. The greater your investment into the statement, the more power you will have around it.
  • If you are a visual person you can “see” it written in your mind. Embellish the letters with glittery beautiful fonts.
  • Or visualize the outcome as already being “done”. An example is if you are affirming love in your life – feel what it would feel like to have that love. Feel love!

Some of my favorite affirmations:

  • I AM THAT, I AM.
  • Abundance flows to me and within me with ease and grace
  • I attract the perfect clients at the perfect time
  • I am one with the Divine Timing of the Universe.

What are some of your favorite affirmations? Please post below – they could be just what another reader needs 🙂